I had the wonderful privilege to do some color correction work on one of my favorite shows growing up. This was done and aired this past Saturday. 

As the description might read on Vimeo, I found a roll of film at an estate this past fall. It was on the South Side of Chicago, and I mostly went because there was some camera gear I was interested in. All the stuff I initially wanted was gone, but I did happen upon a roll of 16mm film that mere said “Chicago” and “Print 1” stamped on it. Curiosity got the best of me, and I wound up getting it for a good price.

For those of you who don’t know, I’m a colorist by trade. My interest in photography stems from the same general interest. I’m just a much better colorist than I am a photographer. Anyway, being a colorist I had access (at the time in Chicago) to give it a full restoration and transfer to HD. Which I did, and then life got busy so I just sat on it for a little while.

Last night I finally put it up, and have already stirred up a little bit of dialogue through 2 Chicago news websites. They were actually able to tell me more than I knew about this thing (which still isn’t a whole lot).

You can check those out here:



If you have (or had) a love affair with Chicago, this is a pretty fun watch!

The nighttime view from my old apartment. I miss this creepy orange glow!

Friends. I used to live with one, the other replaced me in this apartment when I left.

Moving across the country alone has been hard; I often miss the people that I was close to.

Bullies during a California Winter. This is from this past December, when I went to go visit my parents after they moved to Southern California.

In other news, I finally have an apartment and furniture in New York City! This means I finally get to tackle all of the film I’ve been shooting these past few months!

Mismatching fluorescent color temperatures. iPhone photos from work.

Switching bulbs at work. #nofilter

I’ve been living in New York for 3 weeks now. It still hasn’t really hit me. It’s mostly been a bit of a fuzzy fever dream, where I’m half expecting to wake up one day in my bedroom at my old apartment in Chicago. Life moves on.

Awful iPhone pictures because I don’t have my scanner here yet!

I guess this is where I live now.